New ECS site in Zeebrugge: gas-free and fire-safe


2XL previously erected a high-bay warehouse along the N31 – Baron De Maerelaan, on the other side of the railway tracks separating the old and the new site. The new warehouse will be the same height as the existing one – 40.6 metres – but twice as large with a surface area of 14,250 m2 and 76,000 pallet spaces. Adjoining it is a low-rise warehouse with loading and unloading facilities and a picking zone, which is being expanded. The railway loading and unloading track will be extended to permit a five-fold increase in rail freight handling volume. The old site office will be demolished and rebuilt.


Exceptional for this type of industrial project: the existing gas connection has been removed and the site will therefore operate completely gas-free. The offices will be heated entirely by electricity – with an air/air heat pump – and, in particular, because of the extensive insulation of the building envelope, also cooled.

The warehouse itself is not heated or cooled. The walls and roof are very well insulated, and the basic temperature of incoming products keeps the space constantly frost-free. With no one working in the high-bay warehouse, no minimum temperature is required for working comfort.

Rapid intervention in the event of fire

Another striking feature of this project is the 10,000 sprinklers fitted in the lower buildings and 20,000 high flow, fast response (ESFR) sprinklers in the high-bay warehouse, attached to the roof and to 3 layers of storage racks. Should a fire start, it will be quickly detected and quickly extinguished locally with lots of water.

Off grid during power failures

A comfort generator has been installed to ensure operational continuity. In the event of a breakdown on the public electricity grid, the entire ECS site at Lancelot Blondeellaan can continue to operate 'off-grid'.

More info

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