What we do

Industrium is not only your knowledge partner for every phase in the life cycle of a building, but also your expert in the energy efficiency of industrial processes. We advise, develop and optimize technical installations for buildings and processes in industry and logistics.

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Our approach is efficient, streamlined and goal-oriented: immediately applicable, with a focus on performance and with positive results that are immediately noticeable. A must for competitive companies that want to stay one step ahead at all times.

what we are good at

Renewable energy

Advice, creation, and optimisation of renewable energy production. For instance, large-scale photovoltaic installations, biomass installations and wind turbines.

Sustainability & certifications

Creation, but also certification of sustainable construction projects – we have in-house experts for all current sustainability labels, such as BREEAM and WELL.

Energy optimisation

Analysis and interpretation of energy data to fine-tune technical installations and in this way increase comfort, make cost savings, and also to really bring a return on investments.

Circular economy

Design of flexible and modular technical installations with a view to circular reuse, making allowance for any future changes in function.

Fire safety engineering

Advice and design of technical installations (such as sprinkler systems) for detecting and fighting fires which are adapted to the complex legislation and to human behaviour in emergency situations.

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BIM, the digital twin of a building

Management and control of BIM, a ’digital copy’ of a building or site, for the purpose of efficient monitoring during each phase, from design and implementation to operation and maintenance.

Feasibility studies & energy plans

Feasibility studies, energy plans, energy studies and energy audits with calculated scenarios of sustainable solutions – an analysis of the technical and financial feasibility within the specified parameters.

Building & energy systems engineering

Design of concepts in specific plans, calculations for bill of quantities and budgets, and the monitoring of projects on the site in consultation with all construction partners.

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