Fides Petfood - energy study


Fides Petfood nv



Study period

05/2021 - 06/2021


Feasibility studies & energy plans


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Fides Petfood - energy study

Fides Petfood is a Belgian producer of private label dog and cat food. Fides Petfood will expand production with an additional (3rd) extrusion line where fresh meat will also be processed in the pet food.

For this expansion, an energy study needs to be added to the environmental permit application if the consumption of the new installations exceeds 10 TJ primary (= 0.01 PJ primary) and the future consumption of the site will exceed 0.1 PJ primary.

Industrium prepared an energy study for the latter. Energy efficient cooling and cip (= cleaning in process) installation were sought together with the customer.